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AFGHANISTAN: COVID-19 emergency response is at full speed – with great success

Danish People’s Aid, together with a number of local partners, launched an emergency response to the spread of covid-19 in the country back in March. The emergency services are now in the process of establishing the effort, and the first milestones have been reached.

Part of the effort has been to urgently train local health teams that can ensure better information to the local population about the spread of infection and chains of infection, among other things through information materials, posters and brochures. This work has been a success and all 23 villages in the Damqol area are now included in the effort, ensuring important health information for 4,000 families.

In addition, the emergency services are in the process of distributing hygiene kits to 430 of the most vulnerable families. The work is expected to start this week, and is concentrated around families who 1) have returned from neighboring countries, 2) families who are internally displaced and 3) extremely poor families. The Danish People’s Aid, together with government representatives, selects the families. Final approval will be provided by UNOCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).

In addition, the Danish People’s Aid allocates resources to provide support to the most vulnerable families who, as a consequence of the pandemic, will lose their income and be left without the very basic necessities of life. This work is expected to start within two weeks through a collaboration with the mobile phone company ROSHAN, which has developed a technology for distributing financial support directly to the recipients.

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