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Clean Up Day

Plastic is smart – but not in our nature. The city government of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, is holding an environmental day on Saturday at the bustling Gbaba Market, located right on Lake Victoria. The place is also a landing place for many of the lake’s fishermen.

Unfortunately, like so many other places in East Africa, it flows with all kinds of plastic. It is not only ugly, but also harmful to the environment of the great freshwater lake. In addition, it blocks canals and other drainage systems that are intended to prevent floods in the city during heavy rains – a phenomenon that is unfortunately experienced more often in climate change.

In addition to information about the benefits of a plastic-free urban environment, you can participate in a clean-up of the market where hundreds of volunteers are expected to spend few hours assembling plastic into piles. The City Council is responsible for proper disposal.

The event is supported, among others, by Danish People’s Aid with funds from CISU’s Climate Grant.

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