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Dacaar receives DKK 20.3 million from Danida in 2021

The Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees, DACAAR, which Danish People’s Aid is behind, has received an early Christmas present. Danida has just pledged their continued support of DKK 20.3 million for 2021.

– “It is important with the commitment from Danida. First, DANIDA is one of DACAAR’s most important supporters. Secondly, it is an incredibly important signal right now, as Afghanistan is facing some of the biggest challenges in the country’s tumultuous history. Thirdly, it shows that we as a Danish development organization have good and continued support in the Danish support base. This is an important legitimization of our activities”, points out DACAAR’s head of secretariat in Copenhagen, Klaus Løkkegaard.

DACAAR’s largest donor is the EU’s Humanitarian Organization, ECHO. Here, DACAAR is approved to apply for framework grants for the next five years with around DKK 30 million each year + continuous grants. ECHO will report back on this grant in January. All indications are that the grant will continue in 2021.

Finally, DACAAR receives support from the Norwegian state, which is the third main sponsor with just over NOK 20 million a year. That grant is to be renewed after June 2021. Norway has announced in advance that climate adaptation will be a major priority for the development assistance.

– “Norway’s climate priority is welcomed. It matches with the most important parts of DACAAR’s work with water supply and water management. During droughts, we provide clean drinking water to the poor of Afghanistan. When there are floods, DACAAR’s canals are crucial for diverting the water without doing damage”, Klaus Løkkegaard explains.

The Danish Finance Committee has committed the Ministry of Development to spend DKK 83.4 million for an extension of the Region of Origin Initiative Program in Afghanistan in 2021. In that pool is a so-called Civil Society component with three partners, which together receive DKK 45.2 million. From that pool comes DACAAR’s grant, while other partners are the Norwegian Refugee Council and Save the Children.


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