Increased resilience of Syrian refugees and host communities in South Lebanon

Country: Lebanon 2017

Partner: Harikar and ASB Solidar

Period: 27.07.2017-27.07.2018

Amount: DKK 2.403.980.

Donor: Danida (CISU) – Danish Emergency Relief Fund

Link: Final evaluation - South Lebanon 2017

To help address the current situation, and specifically in South Lebanon – Nabatieh District, Danish People’s Aid (DPA) co-funded, through its back donor Civil Society in Development (CISU), a 12-month project3 entitled “Increased Resilience of Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in South Lebanon”. Implemented by Solidar Suisse, the project has worked towards the achievement of two main outcomes: Protecting individual refugees in precarious situations: The most vulnerable refugee population sustains its basic living conditions by receiving cash assistance and through better access to refugee assistance. Communities particularly affected by the refugee crisis maintain their social stability through capacity building of municipalities, NGOs, or CBOs

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