War affected IDP's in Afghanistan - DPA & ORD

Country: AFGHANISTAN 2019

Partner: ORD

Title: War affected IDP's in Afghanistan - DPA & ORD

Period: 05.11.2019-05.05.2020

Amount: DKK 1.998.936

Donor: Danida (CISU) – Danish Emergency Relief Fund

Link: Unconditional Cash Assistance Project - External Evaluation Report (June 2020) – Afghanistan

Project’s intervention in the form of unconditional cash assistance to 738 families (US$ 280 for each

household) was the right life-saving intervention at the right time that positively impacted lives of

thousands of IDPs in Kunduz. The assistance satisfied IDPs’ basic households needs and to some extent

their winter fuel needs, as the project was implemented with some delays.

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