International work

Danish People’s Aid actively helps poor and marginalized people around the world as well as victims of both manmade and natural disasters.

Prevention and first-aid

We offer tailor-made first-aid classes designed for you – whether you need an individual or company solution.

Voluntary social work

Helping thousands of socially and economically disadvantaged Danes – children as well as elderly - is a cornerstone in Danish People’s Aid.


Recycling is smart and environmentally friendly. It gets even smarter, when recycling is able to help vulnerable families and promote voluntary work.

Advanced satellite water search for 2,25 million USD

January 14, 2021

DACAAR, DTU and Kabul University are ready with advanced satellite water search for 2,25 million USD. 

There are great perspectives for Afghanistan and other fragile countries in a newly developed satellite based water search in Afghanistan. From satellites, DTU (Denmark’s Technical University) collects data on Afghanistan’s scarce water resources as a basis for efficient relief work. Everything will be coordinated and further developed with DACAAR and the University of Kabul.


Dacaar receives DKK 20.3 million from Danida in 2021

December 22, 2020

The Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees, DACAAR, which Danish People’s Aid is behind, has received an early Christmas present. Danida has just pledged their continued support of DKK 20.3 million for 2021.


Clean Up Day

December 11, 2020

Plastic is smart – but not in nature.

The city government of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, is holding an environmental day on Saturday at the bustling Gbaba market, which is located right on Lake Victoria. The place is also a landing place for many of the lake’s fishermen.