The FamilyRING

Many of the Denmarks municipalities are experiencing many families who face major social challenges.

These are families experiencing an everyday life filled with unemployment, social isolation, financial difficulties, mental health problems, unstable schooling and a lack of healthy leisure time.

Effective efforts in these areas require innovative thinking and cooperation between the municipality and civil society. This has been done by the municipality of Lolland and Danish People’s Aid by bridging the gap between authority and civil society in a project “The FamilyRING”.

The Family RING is run in partnership between Lolland Municipality and the Danish People’s Aid. It is a place where families who are already part of a municipal effort can come and participate in networking and competence-building activities. All in collaboration with volunteers and local associations.

The aim is to improve the family lives of vulnerable children and parents, strengthen their social networks across civil society, and create opportunities for families to get back on track.