Objectives, Statutes and Values

Danish People’s Aid is a not-for-profit, non-partisan and democratic organization, which offers immediate help and long-term support for marginalized and vulnerable groups in Denmark and abroad. 


  • To support socially, physically and mentally challenged people and other vulnerable groups, both nationally and internationally, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and political observation.
  • To play an active international role along with local partners by providing short-term emergency relief as well as long-term development assistance aimed at promoting human and social development.
  • To promote awareness of prevention, safety and first aid in society, nationally as well as internationally in partnership with relevant organizations, authorities and decision-makers.
  • To motivate as many volunteers as possible to work towards the humanitarian objectives of the organization. Additionally, to work towards establishing a local Danish People’s Aid branch in each municipality.
  • To be part of an expansion and strengthening of international, national and local NGO collaboration.


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