Emergency Aid

Time is perhaps the single most important factor when disaster strikes. Acting fast is crucial to saving lives and make a serious situation more dignified.

Danish People’s Aid has specialized in in creating access to clean drinking water as well as hygiene and sanitation in disaster areas and distribution of vital financial resources to refugees and internally displaced people.

Besides providing access to water, food and medicine, Danish People’s Aid is also capable of helping farmers replant their fields after a flood or in other ways restore the source of income for vulnerable families.

Through key partners in the global south: CIDI Uganda, ORD Afghanistan and KAALO Somalia, Danish People’s Aid is able to make lifesaving interventions. Funding comes from a multitude of sources including the Danish Emergency Relief Fund, the Novo Nordic Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation.


Danish People’s Aid specializes in rapid response to natural disasters with temporary and permanent rehousing of people in need. The overall purpose of the Danish People’s Aid’s temporary rehousing strategy is to provide protection against the effects of the climate after disasters and to provide security and physical protection through the construction of temporary and permanent rehousing.

In the process, urban planning, sanitation, land ownership, human rights, the neighboring population, the local economy, security and cultural factors are taken into account at the same time.

Danish People’s Aid has carried out temporary rehousing for thousands of families in the event of, among other things, natural disasters in urban and rural areas.