Danish People's Aid in humanitarian partnership with EU
From January 2021, Danish People's Aid has entered into a partnership with ECHO, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, the EU’s fund for catastrophes. With over 1.4 billion Euros in the Fund for 2021, ECHO is the largest humanitarian fund working worldwide to alleviate human suffering and hunger.

In the period 2021 - 2027, Danish People's Aid will be able to make humanitarian projects financed by the EU and is currently investigating the possibility of making a 1-year emergency aid project in the Northern part of Afghanistan in the Faryab province. Danish People's Aid has a long experience of building schools in Faryab and has recently carried out humanitarian projects for internally displaced people who have been affected by conflicts and natural disasters. These projects have been funded by UN’s humanitarian fund, UNOCHA, and DERF, the Danish Emergency Relief Fund, but now EU funds can also help the distressed Afghans.

The ECHO partnership is not only limited to Afghanistan, but can be used in all areas of intervention where Danish People's Aid operates around the world.