In 2019, Danish People’s Aid started preparing for sending volunteers from EU on humanitarian missions in the Global South. The initiative was carried out trough the international network Samaritans International, by Danish People’s Aid and 8 other organizations.

The partners are from Italy, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kenya and Uganda. By the end of 2020 they will be ready to send and receive volunteers in order to make a positive difference. Preparations have taking place through workshops in Kampala (Uganda), Niksic (Montenegro), Belgrade and Nairobi where organizations have met to exchange experiences regarding motivation of volunteers, the use of volunteers in humanitarian work, cultural differences etc.

Through this EU project, Danish People’s Aid works towards sending volunteers to Uganda and Montenegro in 2021. Volunteers will be professionals with skills and experience acquired from the humanitarian sector. This could be healthcare professionals or volunteers with other technical skills relevant to the local partners.

The project EMPACT, Empowerment to Act, is supported by EU’s Aid Volunteer program.